Inflation is going up. Are you protecting your retirement?

Nearing retirement?  Is your IRA or Roth IRA protected against Inflation?

Protect your IRA with Gold & Precious Metals investments from Alliance Shield.

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Investing in Precious Metals with your IRA through Alliance Shield

Precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium can be an important part of a well-diversified retirement portfolio, giving you the opportunity to invest in something tangible that can weather a financial crisis. Not only can you purchase, hold, and sell precious metals with a tax-advantaged self-directed IRA account, but you can also withdraw your bullion or coins and take direct physical possession of them.

The Benefits of Gold & Silver in an IRA

Gold and silver are tangible assets / Precious metals can provide a hedge against equity fluctuations & inflation

Gold and silver allow for a truly diversified portfolio /Asset growth and profits are tax-deferred

Precious Metals IRA Investing is Easy with Alliance Shield!

Looking to add gold bullion and coins to your retirement portfolio? A gold IRA from  may be right for you! Unlike a conventional IRA account, a gold IRA lets you invest in physical gold or other types of precious metals such as silver, palladium, and platinum without holding them in your possession.

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